India Germany Social Security Agreement Pdf

India and Germany recently signed a Social Security Agreement (SSA) on October 12, 2020, in New Delhi, providing a framework for the two countries to coordinate their social security systems. The agreement will benefit millions of Indians and Germans working or living in either country by avoiding double social security contributions.

The agreement has been in the works for over a decade, and it was finally signed by the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Mr. Santosh Kumar Gangwar and the German Ambassador to India, Walter J. Lindner.

The agreement covers several areas such as old-age pension, disability insurance, survivorship insurance, and medical care. The agreement will also allow the portability of social security benefits for people who have worked in both countries.

The SSA will benefit a significant number of Indian nationals working in Germany, especially those employed at IT companies. There are over 18,000 Indian nationals working in Germany, and the number continues to grow. The agreement will ensure that they receive social security benefits in Germany, such as pension and disability insurance, just like their German counterparts.

Similarly, there are over 12,000 German nationals working in India, and the agreement will help them receive benefits under the Indian social security system, such as medical care and survivorship insurance.

The agreement has been welcomed by both the Indian and German governments, and it is expected to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries. It also highlights the importance of social security for migrant workers and ensures their protection and well-being.

The SSA will be effective once it has been ratified by both countries and comes into force. Once in force, it will allow nationals of both countries to apply for benefits in either country based on their contribution period. It will also help reduce the burden of double social security contributions for those who hold dual citizenship.

The agreement is available in PDF format for public viewing and can be accessed on the official website of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. The PDF includes details of the agreement, its objectives, and the benefits it provides to nationals of both countries.

In conclusion, the India-Germany Social Security Agreement is a significant step towards strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries. It will benefit Indian and German nationals working or living in either country and ensures their social security protection. The PDF version of the agreement is easily accessible and provides essential information about the agreement`s provisions.